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Jonathan's blog | jonmower.com

Jonathan's blog

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From the Tumblelog June 12-18, 2011

Jun 18

twittericonElliot tweets: My bro is finn moore follow him he might follow u

twittericonElliot tweets: My brothers guiene pig is smart!

twittericonElliot tweets: This is what my dad made up. Instead of ravens it is ratbirds instead of bengals the bungals instead of the browns the stains. Go steelers

twittericonElliot tweets: Anyone else watching the tigers game. I am. GO TIGERS!!!

twittericonElliot tweets: Wow tigers hope you can pull of a win tonight

foursquareI checked in at Regency Agoura Hills 8 (29045 Agoura Rd)

twittericonwith Barley at U2


twittericonat U2 in Anaheim


twittericonBeachcomber at the Malibu Pier


foursquareI checked in at The Beachcomber at Malibu Pier (23000 Pacific Coast Hwy)

twittericonGreat time last night at U2/Lenny Kravitz in Anaheim with Barley and Charlie. Thanks to Barley for hooking us up with field tickets!

twittericonWhen I say Mali, you say bu. Mali... #csc11

twittericonLenny Kravitz in Anaheim


Jun 17

twittericonElliot tweets: Why do my parents get to go to california but i have to stay in michigan

foursquareI checked in at Starbucks Coffee (2035 E Katella Ave)

twittericonthe biggest conflict between science and theology I've seen so far is whether or not presenting a paper just means reading it #csc11

twittericonRT @j_miller: Dr. Francis Collins, believer & Obama-nominated dir. of NIH, talking faith/science.And he's killing it.#csc // fantastic talk!

twittericonRT @seanpalmer: Our faith is about Truth. A faith that asks people to disbelieve facts is not about Truth.-Francis Collins // fantastic talk

Jun 16

facebookLisa: Malibu Canyon Rd - what a spectacular drive

facebookLisa: Listening to a physicist who is also a priest and British knight, John Polkinghorne.

twittericonTokens at Pepperdine


twittericonFrancis Collins at the Christian Scholars Conference 2011 http://twitpic.com/5cjqja

twittericonRT @laviamedia: Cambridge physicist and Anglican priest Dr. John Polkinghorne...the first plenary lecture. #csc2011. // enjoying it!

Jun 15

twittericonElliot tweets: No school summer break awesome

twittericonSuper 8

foursquareI checked in at Muvico Theaters (166 W Hillcrest Dr)



foursquareI checked in at Pepperdine University (24255 Pacific Coast Hwy)

foursquareI checked in at Willy's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill (28434 Roadside Dr)

foursquareI checked in at Tom Bradley International Terminal (599 World Way)

foursquareI checked in at Detroit Metropolitan International Airport (William Rogell Dr)

Jun 14

newsMagic School Bus

Jun 13

newsSupply-Side Economics, R.I.P. | Capital Gains and Games

news‘The Killing’ renewed for second season

newsHow Republican governors could help Obama in 2012

Jun 12

newsGov. Chris Christie Says: Earn $6,000 A Year? No Medicaid For You!

twittericonThe boys and I are watching Errol Flynn in Robin Hood (1938). They're shocked that a film with so much battling is rated G

newsNouvel Catholic Central girls soccer takes down top-ranked Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes/Clarkston…

From the Tumblelog June 5-11, 2011

Jun 11



twittericondinner at Genji to celebrate the end of the school year


foursquareI checked in at Genji's Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar (2929 S Saginaw Rd) on #Yelp http://bit.ly/dKZY6i

twittericonFinn's 2nd game was a 4 to 3 win

twittericonFinn's first soccer game of the day was a 6 to 5 victory

Jun 10

newsHope Is Not a Policy

newsBox labeled 'grandma's urn' left at Goodwill store in Fenton

news'The Wire' Creator David Simon Has a Counter-Offer for Eric Holder

Jun 9

facebookLisa: Dee. Oh. Ehn. Eeeee.

newsYes, Let's Talk About Rationing

newsCitibank hacked. Hundreds of thousands of customers records accessed.

twittericonRT @mspspeak: When a popular band tries to go grass roots with distribution and fails: http://goo.gl/0uQQv

Jun 8

runkeeper Just completed a 7.71 mi bike ride with @runkeeper. Check it out!http://rnkpr.com/an194g

newsMichelle Obama to appear on ‘iCarly’

newsRep. Pelosi, Can I Tweet You Some Lewd Photos?

newsToday in civil rights history: During his 1966 "Walk Against Fear," James Meredith is shot.

Jun 7

facebookLisa: laughing at Colbert's reenactment of the Paul Revere ride Palin style.

twittericona big turtle on the rail trail tonight http://twitpic.com/58hg4r

runkeeper Just completed a 9.97 mi bike ride - there was a big turtle on the rail trail. http://rnkpr.com/amycck

newsWhat the GOP didn’t learn from the Bush tax cuts

newsMusic: A.V. Undercover 2011: The Mountain Goats cover Jawbreaker

twittericonRT @mountain_goats: GOT A FRIEND, HER NAME IS BOXCAR http://avc.lu/m0B26I

newsThe hard truth about health care: Government works

twittericon"but YOU sometimes eat unhealthy food" is an inane response to promoting healthier eating when 1/4 are obese + healthcare costs skyrocketing

newsGOP state rep. gets budget protest from daughter

Jun 6

twittericonWRCC softball win, the first of the season, ends the losing streak at 3.

Jun 5

runkeeper Just completed a 11.20 mi bike ride with @runkeeper. Check it out!http://rnkpr.com/amsdfu

From the Tumblelog May 29-June 4, 2011

Jun 4

foursquareI checked in at Great Lakes Ice Cream Company (901 E Ashman St)

foursquareI checked in at Pizza Sam's (102 W Main St)

twittericonFinn's 2nd game was a 4 to 2 loss. He played a half in goal and kept them scoreless.

twittericonlax 6-6 tie + 6-3 win vs Holt. E played goalie (for the 1st time) in the win. Thanks to Dawn for playing the substitute parent position!

twittericonFinn soccer 4 to 4 tie

facebookLisa: visiting with my parents, sister and two of her little boyz this weekend. Will try to get a video of the classic, red-faced, two-fisted, body trembling tantrum for you all to enjoy.

facebookLisa: Last full day teaching. 4 more days of exams then it's time to par-tee!

Jun 3

newsNAACP vs. Black Parents

twittericonRT @daveweigel: Good to see John Edwards indicted. Now one of the bankers who caused the financial crisis, please.

newsRNS Feature: "Budget battle pits atheist Ayn Rand vs. Bible"

news‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ stars revealed: Here’s the new Adama

twittericonRT @mattmillernow: Mitt says cap fed spend at 20% GDP. Reagan spent 22% when boomers not retiring, doubling #s on SocSec/Mcare. Earth to Mitt: No can do!

Jun 2

newsFREE ALBUM! SPIN's Soundtrack for Bonnaroo!

newsNoah Pollak, call your office

Jun 1

runkeeper I just completed a 10.46 mi bike ride in 52:52 http://soc.li/0Yt4uUW #bike #cycling

twittericon4th and 5th grade track meet

newsEric Holder Will Not Rest Until HBO Brings Back 'The Wire'

May 31

newsThis Guy Has My MacBook

From the Tumblelog May 22-28, 2011

May 28

news'Big day' for Michigan as lacrosse teams gain varsity status

May 27

newsResponding to Ryan

newsPaul Ryan responds

May 25

newsSome questions for Paul Ryan

newsRude People Can Be Perceived as Powerful

May 24

twittericonRT @ezraklein: You know, if not for Joe Lieberman, adults over 55 would be able to buy into Medicare through the Affordable Care Act.

newsMidland wins big in lacrosse playoff debut

May 23

newsTalking About the Dance

From the Tumblelog May 15-21, 2011

May 21

twittericonFRED: THE MOVIE for family movie night. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

twittericon11 to 3 loss to MI Warriors

twittericon7 to 4 win over Waterford

twittericon7 to 4 loss to Lady Sorrow. E had an assist.

May 19

newsEmerging right wing line: Obama `has thrown Israel under the bus’

newsNPR: 05-15-2011 Religion

newsYglesias » Hypocrisy Bonanza As Senate Republicans Mount Filibuster of Goodwin Liu They Previously Deemed…

foursquareI checked in at Boulevard Lounge (316 S Saginaw Rd)

newsThe past, present and future of the deficit

facebookLisa: Happy birthday to my Finnster Malone Big Apple Bagel Boy! Finn Diddle is turning 8 today. He's passing out cookies with frosting to anyone needing help celebrating.

May 18

newsAmerica’s waiting times are the worst in the developed world

twittericonRT @jdickerson: Ben Stein doing what he can to prove that Twitter isn't the only venue for inane outbursts. They come in long-form too http://bit.ly/iXn62u

newsThe graph that all tax cutters need to grapple with

newsIs this transformational leadership?

May 17

twittericonbummed @mike_the_eyeguy isn't going to Malibu for the CSC next month...any other tweeps going?

May 16

twittericonElliot tweets: Has someone stolen summer! 80 degrees 2 days ago. Today 55 degrees!!

May 15

newsLacrosse Hidden-Ball Trick Video Makes Me Interested In Lacrosse For Another Hot Second [Video]

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