Europe Vlogs 2015

We thought these vlogs that Finn made on our 2015 spring break trip to England and Germany had been lost to history because he had deleted them off Youtube at some point...but recently he and I were excited to find copies in old computer files. Enjoy.

"Should Christians Vote for Trump?" Eric Metaxas & David French Debate

I didn't need convincing, but David French makes a strong case in this debate...

Battle of the Books 2012 in the Newspaper

From today’s Midland Daily News:


Championship Battle 2012

This afternoon Boomslang participated in the championship battle for the 2011-2012 Battle of the Books.  They faced “The Cryptid Chickens” from Blessed Sacrament.  Each team was asked 15 questions during the battle.  The Chickens answered all 15 of theirs correctly and 3 out of the 4 that Boomslang missed.  The Chickens were pretty much unbeatable.  I’m sure the kids from Boomslang were a little disappointed about the outcome, but mostly they just seemed to be glad to have permission to read non-Battle-books again.  Congratulations to the Chickens and to Boomslang and Coach Herman for a fantastic performance in this year’s Battle!




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