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First Day of Kindergarten

Today was my first day of kindergarten.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Ribble.  Some of my friends in my class are Parker, Jeffrey, and Jacob.  Today I played outside, went on a tour around the school, and got to draw a picture of me.  For lunch I had a peanut butter and jelly pack, a Capri Sun, and strawberries.


Day with Aunt Robin

Today I went to Aunt Robins cottage.  Who went with me?  Coleman, Aunt Allison, mommy, Elliot, and Grandma B.  I went wave riding with Aunt Robin and played at the beach.  I went fishing and caught two fish.  Wave riding is like jet skiing.  We were on a lake.  I went this fast: 45 miles an hour!  That's it.

Dad will post some pictures when he gets them from Grandma.


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