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More Photos from Lisa’s Bird Feeder

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Lisa’s Bird Feeder Photos

Here are some photos from the bird feeder outside the kitchen window.  It was one of Lisa’s Christmas presents and her latest hobby.

20100110-121149Black-capped Chickadee

20100110-130554 Chickadee and Sparrow


20100112-160304  contemplating whether to check the feeder out or not

20100115-143120her favorite - a tufted titmouse...she had to look it up in my Michigan bird book to learn his name

Lisa’s School Outfit for Breast Cancer Awareness

Lisa and Elliot's Piano Duet

Here is some video of Lisa and Elliot performing a piano duet:



25 Random Things About Lisa

  1. I am a high school math and physics teacher.
  2. I have a ruptured L5/S1 disc in my back.
  3. I have a "high school diploma" from the National Guild in piano.
  4. I live in an Alden B. Dow house
  5. I usually wake up right before my alarm rings.
  6. I never shave my legs in the winter.
  7. I made the news before I was even mom made headlines for sueing a
    Michigan school system who told her resign from her teaching job because she was
    pregnant. My mom won.
  8. I labored and birthed two boys without pain meds.
  9. I have never gotten a speeding ticket.
  10. I managed to back into the mailman's truck even though I have a rear view camera
    in my van.
  11. I must clean the dishes (or at least put them in the dish washer) immediately
    after dinner.
  12. I love to ride my bike around the block.
  13. I am a follower of Christ. I need his forgiveness every day.
  14. Fall is my favorite season.
  15. I was my senior class president in high school.
  16. I prefer my beer to be at room temperature.
  17. I don't like to see movies more than once.
  18. I attended the inauguration of our 44th president.
  19. My favorite sweet is a powdered sugar covered, vanilla cream filled, Dunkin' Donut.
  20. I have traveled to 10 different countries.
  21. I read online reviews before I make almost any purchase.
  22. I still have a baby tooth.
  23. I buy cheap clothes but expensive shoes.
  24. I am very proud of my husband and boys.
  25. I over analyzed the making of this list.


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