Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past


Key Club initiations

Blast From the Past


Blast from the Past


Basketball in Nashville in 1997

Here's a blast from the past video of several of us playing basketball (presumably in Nashville) in late May 1997.  It features Jayson Rawley, James Lashlee, Bill Alderson, David Wade, Peyton Crump, Prentice Cotham, Amy Queen, and me playing ball.  Laura and Matt Sullivan and Scott Allen also appear.  Lisa is the cameragal.  I can't remember why all those folks were in Nashville at the same time (this was several weeks after Laura's graduation).

Blast From the Past: Small Group Retreat 1996

Knoxville small group retreat in western NC in 1996:



Blast from the Past

My mother-in-law and me in the Highlands, NC...1996.


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