3 more recent Finn Funnies

1. While talking about how much he loves camping, Finn said "I especially love TORTURING my marshmallows." Probably came from when Elliot caught his marshmallow on fire and we said it looked like a torch.

2. While playing a "touch and feel" game that involves notable attractions from various cities (statue of liberty, San Fransico Bay Bridge, eiffel tower....) Finn reached in and grabbed a piece of the game and shouted "I found the Arc De Tree Stump". I guess thats what Arc de Triumphe sounds like in my best French accent.

3. Today at the Chippewa Nature Center we took a tour of the visitors center. There are many "stuffed" animals on display. Standing next to a deer I heard Finn telling his friend Wiiliam "Look at that deer. I think it was sacrificed". I guess all that old testament study in Sunday school is a bit confusing for a 4 year old.