The Book of Eli


Last night Lisa and I watched The Book of Eli (2010,R).  From ScreenIt!:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a lone traveler continues on his quest west, but most contend with an educated villain and his array of thugs who want the potentially influential book in his possession.

At some point I'd heard from someone that this was a good film, so my expectations were a little bit elevated.  I thought is was just OK.

I give it 3 out of 5.

Youth Football 2011 - Finn

Finn is playing flag football on the Chargers.  After finishing last season with a 2-TD game (link), he started this season with the same.  He's now got streak going of six straight games with a TD run (not counting the recent game in which he played only defense).

Here are a couple of videos and photos.  The first video is the one that features the Finnster.




Youth Football 2011 - Elliot

For the third year in a row, Elliot's football team has struggled to get a win.  This year they finally got a win in overtime in the fourth game…and it happened to be the one played underneath the lights on a Saturday evening on the field at Central Middle School.  Elliot's been playing receiver on offense and linebacker on defense.

Here is some video from the game at Central including the game-winning TD.

Here is a series of photos of Elliot (# 8) making a tackle on a run up the middle:











Here is a series of photos of Elliot causing a fumble:









Youth Football 2010 Weeks 4 to 6

I never finished reporting on the boys youth football seasons last year.  Here is what I wrote about Week 1 and Weeks 2/3.

After playing RB the first half of the season, Elliot played QB during the final three games.  He played well, but his team continued to struggle and finished the season winless.

Here is video of Elliot at QB pitching to his friend Ethan who makes a long run before being tackled just short of the goal line:

Here's a video from the final game of the season with Elliot at QB:

Here are some photos:







The last game of Finn's season was a special one.  He carried the ball twice and scored both times.  The first one was a short run off tackle.  The second one was more adventurous.  Below are a couple of videos of Finn's team.  The first video focuses on the two TDs.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the good video camera with me, and it wasn't quite in focus for the second TD.  As you'll hear, I get pretty excited during the second run.  Below are a couple of photos too.



From the Tumblelog October 2-8, 2011

Oct 8

newsMitt Romney's alarmist foreign policy: Bush redux?

Oct 7

twittericonat Midland homecoming football game

newsCharging for Debit Cards Is Robbery

newsConfronting the Malefactors

Oct 6

twittericonRT @JenGranholm: Texas: Don't Mess with Detroit!

newsWatch Jeff Mangum's Show at Occupy Wall Street

newsTeach Your Child a ‘Password’: It Could Save Their Life

Oct 5

newsRumsfeld, cornered by Al Jazeera

twittericonElliot tweets: 'bout to go to my football practice


Oct 4

newsThe 'Create Jobs for USA' initiative

twittericonElliot tweets: My morning face


Oct 3

newsA Handy Chart for Interpreting Other Denominations

newsHank Williams Jr: Obama and Biden ‘The Enemy’

newsCartoon: White-Black Relations in the U.S.

twittericonRT @mspspeak: YES! Punks in the streets!

twittericonRT @gerrydulac: Steelers offensive line will be security agents at Pgh airport today. That way everyone gets thru quicker.

Oct 2

twittericonElliot tweets: Watching da #Steelers game

foursquareI checked in at Wheeler Road Church of Christ (1123 E Wheeler St)

newsThings That Taxes Give Us: Or maybe they’re built by magic.

newsTreason Talk

newsJesus and War

From the Tumblelog September 25-October 1, 2011

Oct 1

facebookLisa: Finn has changed his mind on what he wants to be when he grows up from football player to mythbuster.

twittericonElliot tweets: 'ello govna'

twittericonElliot tweets: Finally my team won their first game in OT we are 1-3

facebookLisa: Doodlers, unite!

Sep 30

twittericonRT @TimothyArcher: Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools – via @USATODAY
twittericonwatching King Kong (1976) for family movie night

foursquareI checked in at Pizza Sam's (102 W Main St)

news5 reasons Chris Christie can't win the GOP nomination

newsThe due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality

newsCreationism, Science And The Purpose Of Higher Education

Sep 29

facebookLisa: decided I am asking Santa for my own trumpet because Elliot is completely freaking out about my spit refusing to let me play his.

twittericonElliot tweets: Just finished band practice i play the trumpet

newsObama: A disaster for civil liberties

newsThe Gospel According to Lady Gaga

Sep 28

newsPrinceton goes open access to stop staff handing all copyright to journals – unless waiver granted

twittericonElliot tweets: #goodmornin


Sep 27

newsWhere is Jason Molina?

newsJohn Wesley Harding Takes You Through The Songwriting Process

Sep 25

twittericonat Lucas Oil for Steelers v Colts

facebookLisa: Watching the Steelers play the Colts and looking for my boys in the audience.

twittericonElliot tweets: at the #steelers game go #steelers



foursquareI checked in at Lucas Oil Stadium (500 S Capitol Ave)

foursquareI checked in at Children's Museum (3000 N Meridian St)

From the Tumblelog September 18-24, 2011

Sep 23

twittericonElliot tweets: Another football game tomorrow My team is 0-2 hope we can win this time

Sep 20

newsSantorum: Maybe Republicans Should Game the Electoral College Vote in Pennsylvania

Sep 19

newsWould the Obama of 2009 support the Obama of 2011?

twittericonWhat book did David French throw across the room in disgust? I'm guessing it was Camp's "Who is My Enemy?"

twittericonAn article about Elliot's 5th grade teacher

From the Tumblelog September 11-17, 2011

Sep 16

facebookLisa: canning tomatoes with jeannie moore

newsWe recovered and restored the original film elements of Nirvana performing the final night of the North American “Nevermind” tour on Halloween of 1991

twittericonhot air balloons


newsYou Can Be Compassionate Without Supporting Big Government

twittericonElliot tweets: Watching the newest #Alphas

Sep 15

twittericonmy subscription to the "New England Journal of Some Lady I Just Met" has lapsed

newsPat Robertson Tells Man To Divorce Wife With Alzheimer's

newsIslamic Center, Lipscomb team for fast

Sep 14

newsAre jobs obsolete? - CNN

newsWhy libertarianism fails in health care

Sep 13

newsThe Five Biggest Problems Facing America

news*that* guy: Call me crazy, but I kind of want to track down this David Thorne guy and force him to be my…

Sep 12

newsRepublicans Loved Stimulus When Bush Was in the White House

newsChart of the day: America’s surprisingly tiny small-business sector

newsMy 9/11 Story: I have tweeted a few times in the past about seeing a Muslim guy who rides past my house on…

twittericonElliot tweets: My prediction is not looking to good right now

twittericonElliot tweets: #Steelers vs. Ravens. Prediction of final score 56-0. In favor of the Steelers

twittericonElliot tweets: Yesterday i had my first football game of the season. We did not have enough players so i had to play the whole game. We lost 28-0

twittericonElliot tweets: I played tennis yesterday. I did not realize how FUN it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Tumblelog September 4-10, 2011

Sep 10

facebookLisa: Perfect morning for Elliot's football game.

newsSome of Sarah Palin's Ideas Cross the Political Divide

twittericonFinn's team won 35 to 21. He scored twice. Elliot, on the other hand, lost 4 TDs to 0, but he played on every play of the game.

twittericonOn the fiirst play of the flag football season Finn ran for a TD. On the first play of their second drive, a teammate did the same.

newsReid, History’s Greatest Monster, ruins Vitter party

Sep 9

newsJackie Kennedy on MLK: Oral history tapes show JFK called Martin Luther King "terrible"

newsThe Inside Track On New York City's High Line

newsThe ugliness of cheering for capital punishment

Sep 8

newsHow would Ronald Reagan have fared at last night’s GOP debate?

newsFact checking the GOP debate at the Reagan library

Sep 7

twittericonElliot tweets: Practice football game tonight My team is the Knights GO KNIGHTS

runkeeper Just completed a 0.64 mi run with @runkeeper. Check it out!

twittericonElliot tweets: About to go to the 2nd day of school!

twittericonRT @bandofhorses: BOH will be performing on TONIGHT's episode of Conan! Tune in!

newsObama and Romney mostly agree on taxes

newsRobin Hood in Reverse Strikes Again

Sep 6

facebookLisa: Good morning everyone. Wishing you a wonderful new school year.

newsHealth care costs: A public opinion disconnect

newsPublic disapproves of Obama on economy, but supports his actual fiscal policies

twittericonElliot tweets: About to go to football practice.

Sep 5

newsShorts: A 4-Track Mind

twittericonElliot tweets: Fricano's pizza tavern in awesome. Look it up. it has the best pizza EVER!!!!!!!!

Sep 4

newsWhat the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama

newsNew Cheney Memoir Reveals He's Going To Live Full, Satisfied Life Without Ever Feeling Remorse And There's…

newsThe worst possible idea at the worst possible time

twittericonElliot tweets: This is my crazy face :)