Avett Brothers, The 2008-07-27 Streamline Hill Holler Stage, Floydfest, Floyd, VA AUD flac

Disc 1:
2-Gimme A Kiss
3-Tear Down The House
4-Distraction #74
5-Left on Laura/Left on Lisa
6-And It Spread
7-Denouncing November Blue
8-Weight Of Lies
9-At The Beach
10-Tin Man

Disc 2:
1-Pretty Girl At The Airport
2-Paranoia In B Flat Major
3-Laundry Room
5-The Fall*
6-Go To Sleep*
7-St. Joseph's
8-Talk On Indolence
9-end of FloydFest7

* - Paleface & Mo

Source: Church Audio Cards(DIN 90) > STC-9000(+10) > JB3(44.1, +5) > WAV > Audition 1.5(Normalized 98%) > FLAC

Location: ~6' high, 10' ROC, FOB/"TS"