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Band of Horses at The Fillmore, Detroit, October 22, 2010

Lisa and I went to see Band of Horses at The Fillmore in Detroit.  It was a fun show to attend together because we've both grown to love their music over the last year or so.  The first opening band was The Besnard Lakes.  They were OK, but I grew tired of the falsetto vocals.  Next came Jenny and Johnny.  It wasn't long before I was missing The Besnard Lakes because at least they were kind of interesting...while Jenny and Johnny seemed boring.  We were paying more attention to updates about the Dow vs. Midland High football game that were coming in via text message and Twitter.  Finally, BOH took the stage.  We were sitting up in the mezzanine, so we were a bit far away.  Lisa wished we had been standing down on the floor, but I was glad to be sitting (because I'm getting old and grouchy). The last couple songs of the Band of Horses set featured The Detroit Party Marching Band.  Here are a few videos from the show courtesy of YouTube:

"Is There A Ghost" (incomplete)

"The Funeral"

"No One's Gonna Love You"

"The First Song"

"The General Specific"

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