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Barlow, Lou 2005-01-26 Fort Oregon, Berkeley, California SBD flac

Lou Barlow
Fort Oregon
Berkeley, California
January 26, 2005

Solo acoustic

Soundboard>Tascam DA-P1

DA-P1>ProTools>AIFF>FLAC Level 6

1. ?? (a capella)
2. Lazy Mind
3. Fuse (Folk Implosion)
4. Soulmate (Sebadoh)
5. Morning's After Me
6. Pearl (Folk Implosion)
7. Brand New Love (Sebadoh)
8. Mary
9. Spoiled (Sebadoh)
10. Royalty
11. ??
12. Rebound (Sebadoh)
13. Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) (Sebadoh)
14. Round-N-Round
15. Punch in the Nose (Sebadoh)
16. Whitey Peach (Sebadoh)
17. ??
18. ??
19. Too Pure (Sebadoh)
20. A Man in Love (Charlie Feathers cover)

Fort Oregon is a big house in Berkeley, near the UC campus. The entire front of the house and front yard are covered with about 100 television sets, artfully displayed. Bands sometimes play in the back yard, but this was in the basement, which is part dirt floor and part cement. Holds about 75 people or so, and they were packed in for Lou, who was the fifth and final act of the night.

taped and uploaded by mikem99

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