Basketball Class

For the last few weeks Elliot's been going to a basketball class for an hour on Saturday mornings at the community center. I know I'm not objective, but so far everything that Elliot has done (school, baseball, soccer, Taekwon-Do, etc.), he's always one of the few best kids in the game or in the class. He's smart, athletic, and competitive, but I think a big part of it is that he pays attention and focuses, listens to the coaches or teachers, and quickly learns how to be successful. Anyway, basketball is apparently no exception. Here are a few photos and videos from last Saturday:



Here he making a steal but missing the fastbreak shot at the buzzer

Here he is picking up a loose ball, breaking down the court, and making the shot this time

Here he is barely missing a shot and then playing some defense

Finally, here is with a nice cross-over dribble before getting mugged


The photos reminded me of the Pfafftown (or Vienna) Community Center experiences.

Yep, me too. I was recently remembering how you and Rick (?) used to coach that first team that I was on.