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Black. White.

blackwhite.jpgAn interesting new TV show premiered on FX last Wednesday at 10 PM, "Black. White." It will air weekly at that same time. Not that I'm a fan of reality shows, but after one episode I like this one. It seems like it may be a worthy successor to FX's previous reality show 30 Days which I really liked (I'm glad to hear that a second season of 30 Days is coming this year). In "Black. White.", a white family and a black family find out what it's like to switch lives. The main conflict in the first episode is that the white dad who is in black disguise thinks that the black dad is obsessed with the subtle signs of racism and sees them everywhere. The black dad who is in white disguise thinks the white dad can't recognize the subtle signs because he doesn't have the experience of a lifetime spent as a black man in a white society.

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