Brief Letter to God

<p>In small groups we’ve been studying <a href=" target="_blank">spiritual formation</a>.&#160; Here’s my response to one of the exercises…</p> <p>Recall the first time you sensed God’s presence and some of the ways God has revealed himself to you since then.&#160; Close the letter by giving thanks for all that you know of God now and for what you would like to know in the future.</p> <blockquote> <p>Dear God,</p> <p>I don’t remember the first time I sensed your presence, but as a kid the times I felt closest to you were in worship settings, like at Bible camp or youth rallies.&#160; I have felt your presence many times, for example, in school and at work when things have worked out well for me in ways that seemed to have little if any connection with what I had done or choices that I had made.&#160; I could ascribe it to luck or chance, but I don’t believe that is what it is.&#160; I know that all good things come from you, but I also understand that your servants also suffer.&#160; Sometimes I wonder if my life has seen so little adversity because I wouldn’t be able to handle it if it came.&#160; As a parent and in my relationship with my kids, I have learned to better understand your relationship with me and your other children. I wonder how much of what I think I know about you is based on what you have revealed in the Bible and on what I have experienced versus how much is based on my cultural setting or what makes me comfortable.&#160; I trust that you’ll help me see through those deceptions as you continue to reveal your true self to me.&#160; I am especially thankful for the faith that you have planted in me because I can also how easy it would be for me to not believe under other circumstances.&#160; Thank you.</p></blockquote>