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Buffalo Tom 1992-03-09 Ede Wolf, Oldenburg, GER PAL AUD [DVD0303]

BUFFALO TOM & BLAKE BABIES (Juliana Hatfioeld) - Oldenburg (Germany), Ede Wolf, 09 Mar 92 (off HI8 Master)


SOURCE: SONY HI8 video cam w/ external mic (aiwa cm 30 stereo mic;with an extra-built-in-resistor to avoid distorsion)
LINEAGE: SONY HI 8 Video cam > PIONEER STANDALONE DVD REKORDER (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)

No setlist ! Please help.

Here`s another recording of my old goodies from the basement. Recorded with permission of the bands. Used a tripod. The shows are pretty low on light. Maybe the light guy of the club was depressed or stoned. Anyway…there are no heads in the way, sound is good, colours steady and bright.
Think you`ll enjoy this.
I also had a second camera rolling and a separate audio (recorded on DAT), but never found the time to mix all sources. Maybe one day.

Technical stuff:

Video Codec; MPG 2
Frame Rate: 5011
Bitrate: 25 pics/sec
Frame: 720 x 576
Screen: 4:3 PAL

Chapers: every 10 min
MD5 file only deals with the Video_TS-file.

If Buffalo Tom comes to your town - go to their show. Great guys, great music.
Check out:

There`s a free download of acoustic versions of their latest album "Skins".

One last word: Don`t convert this show into lossy formats, please. Don`t sell it ! If you see someone selling it, contact me and I`ll take care.

Oki Doki…and now…ENJOY !


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