Buffalo Tom 1994-06-11 late set, McCabes, Santa Monica, CA [DVD0048]

Buffalo Tom
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, CA
June 11, 1994 (late set)

Hi8 Video Master > Phillips Standalone DVD Recorder > DVD-R > Re-author > New DVD-R master

Filmed by SS
Re-authoring by KS

Latest Monkey
Frozen Lake
Taillights Fade
Torch Singer
Would Not Be Denied
My Responsibility
Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones cover)
I'm Allowed
Late At Night
Fortune Teller
Reason Why

Several months back I posted JEMS' early-set audience recording of this outstanding one-off acoustic performance by Buffalo Tom. Hall of Fame (if there was one) taper SS was also there recording and he videotaped, with permission from the front row, the late set which I could not attend. S knew what he was doing so this is definitely better than your average audience-shot video. The sound gets slightly distorted in a few spots, but overall this footage looks and sounds impressive for the era and the setting in my opinion. And like the early set, Buffalo Tom's performance is sublime and they mix things up a bit, too.

After rediscovering my VHS copy of this show, I was moved to share it, so I thought I'd try to track down SS with whom I had lost touch. Not only did I find him, but he kindly sent me a fresh DVD burned off of his Hi8 master. I then asked my friend KS if he would take the disc and give it a deserving re-author, which he did with his typical aplomb. Thanks to SS for sharing this anew and agreeing to let me torrent it and thanks to KS for (always) generously lending a hand.

If you are a fan of Buffalo Tom, this is a must.

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