Buffalo Tom 199X TV appearances [DVD0184]

BUFFALO TOM - TV Appearances 1990-1992
SOURCE: Panasonic NV-FJ610 VCR stereo > Master VHS Tape
LINEAGE: Panasonic VCR stereo > PIONEER STANDALONE DVD REKORDER (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)

MTV "120 min" 1992 (acoustic session)
Frozen Lake (live) / Interview / Mineral (live) / Interview / Tailights Fade (live)

MTV News 1992
Interview & Mineral (live)

"Off Beat" Tele 5 , 1990
Birdbrain & Enemy - live cuts from Berlin, Loft & Interview

MTV "Most Wanted" 1993
Tangerine (live) - Interview - Sodajerk (live)

BBC "The Word" *
Tree House (live)

Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, 08-Jun-92
Staples - Tailights Fade - Interview - Mineral - Velvet Roof

All master recordings off TV except "The Word", which is 1st gen.

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