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Business Time

I got a kick out of a couple cartoons I saw this week.

First this one...It's from The New Yorker via the J-Walk blog...somehow this one makes me think of you Freeman...


and then this one that is showing up everywhere but I saw first on The Boar's Head Tavern as shared by Bill Kinnon...Travis from the BHT captioned it thusly: "Why watchbloggers would never succeed in the 30-day sex challenge"...if you're wondering what a watchblogger is, so was I (apparently it is a "guardian of truth, calling out those who dare deviate from orthodoxy")...but you get the point.

This one hits a little too close to home:


You can read more about the 30-day sex challenge here and here (a church challenged its married folks to have sex daily for thirty days...and non-married folks to abstain).  Here is the YouTube they made (a remake of the hilarious original by the Flight of the Conchords).



I recall hearing about the 30-day sex challenge on the radio the other morning. I'm wondering how the church will respond 9 months later.I can't imagine being the kid who was accidentally conceived as a result of a preacher's challenge.

Good point. I hadn't thought about that.

I've peaked and begun the long descent into blog obscurity.

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