Camper van Beethoven 2008-11-21 Abbey Pub Chicago Il. NTSC [0152]

Camper Van Beethoven 11-21-2008 Abbey Pub Chicago Il.

Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Turquoise Jewelry
Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China
Cowboys From Hollywood
Skinhead Stomp
White Riot
(We Were So) Wasted
Shut Us Down
R&R Uzbekistan
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Take The Skinheads Bowling
Ambiguity Song
Were A Bad Trip
25th Anniverasy Banter
Sad Lovers Waltz
More 25th Anniverasy Banter
Good Guys,Bad Guys
7 Languages (cut video intro)
The Poppies Of Balmorhea
The Day Lassie Went To The Moon
Club Med Sucks
Interstellar Overdrive
Chicago Drinking Story
One Of These Days
She Divines Water

A Polyesterangst Production
Audio: Jay Holycross
Video: William Szechinski
Remastered by : William Szechinski
Audio Lineage:
AT853(Hyper Elements)>
SPSB8@69Hz>Zoom H2@44.1kHz 16bit
>SD Card SD Card>CD Wav Editor>FLAC
Video Lineage:
Sony DCR-HC21 NTSC> MiniDV>
Digital Upload into Sony Vegas 8.0 >
Sony DVD Architect 4.0
Recorded from dead center of the balcony.