Camper van Beethoven 2008-11-22 Abbey Pub Chicago Il. NTSC [0153]

Camper Van Beethoven 11-22-2008 Abbey Pub Chicago Il.

Ballaika Gap
Eye Of Fatima Pt. 1
Eye Of Fatima Pt. 2
ZZ Top Goes To Egypt
Explanation of The Long Plastic Hallway
The Long Plastic Hallway
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Payed Vacation:Greece
Militia Song
Take The Skinheads Bowling
When I Win The Lottery
White Riot
(We Were So) Wasted
Shut Us Down
R & R Uzbekistan
History Of Utah
Wheres Crispy? Franks A Pretty Fuckin Good Drumer
All Her Favorite Fruit
7 Languages
New Roman Times
Hippy Chix
Interstellar Overdrive
Yanqui Go Home
Where The Hell Is Bill
Good Guys,Bad Guys
Porpoise Mouth
I Love Her All The Time
Encore 2
Songs We Cant Do
She Devines Water
One Of These Days

A Polyesterangst Production
Audio: Jay Holycross
Video: William Szechinski
Remastered by : William Szechinski
Audio Lineage:
AT853(Hyper Elements)>
SPSB8@69Hz>Zoom H2@44.1kHz 16bit
>SD Card SD Card>CD Wav Editor>FLAC
Video Lineage:
Sony DCR-HC21 NTSC> MiniDV>
Digital Upload into Sony Vegas 8.0 >
Sony DVD Architect 4.0
Recorded from dead center of the balcony.