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Captain Underpants

As a reward for good behavior I recently bought the boys a couple Captain Underpants books.  I'm not sure their mother completely approved, but I thought they seemed like the kind of books little boys would like as a reward.  I was not wrong.

The books are cute and irreverent.  I was especially interested to see how each of the books illustrates the boys' creativity with an example of them changing a sign to say something funny.  Here is one:




Here is another example:




It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I was introduced to this mode of creative fun.  Late at night you find a sign with movable letters and rearrange it to say something else.  Later as a freshman at Lipscomb, I passed such a sign that an apartment complex was using to advertise 1200 square foot apartments.  I wrote down the words on the sign and later, while at the bowling alley, some friends and I (Jayson, Trey, and Joel?) brainstormed a funny/irreverent rearrangement.  It was probably several weeks later before we got around to executing our plan.  One Saturday night, David W. was the driver, and Jayson and I did the rearranging.  The following afternoon, we returned to the scene of the crime for a photo shoot with Lori playing photographer.  Here are the pictures:



My friend Heidi's oldest son is into the Captain Underpants books. I was reading one to him and laughed so hard I cried. I did ask her jokingly what had happened to the reading material in her household that it had declined so. Funny, funny books.

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