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TV Picks from The Week for May 7-13, 2007

Here are some TV picks for this week from The Week magazine:

Also, here's an article from TV Barn about Traveler: link.

October Road

220px-Octoberroad.jpgNext Thursday the season finale of October Road airs. It was a short 6-episode first season. Let's hope there's a second. I've really enjoyed it as it has steadily gained momentum. From Wikipedia:

October Road is a drama series that debuted on ABC on March 15, 2007[1] immediately following the popular Grey's Anatomy. The series is being produced by ABC Television Studio. It follows the return of Nicholas (Nick) Garrett to his hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts after leaving 10 years previously.

You can catch up by watching a few episodes on

What I'm Watching Apr 2007

It's been nice to be able to catch up on Jericho by watching the episodes online. I missed the first episode and thought the second one was dull when I watched it...and so canceled the season pass. I kept hearing that other folks really liked it, so I gave it another try. I still thought the first few episodes were boring but the latter ones have been much stronger.

Acceptable TV

Tonight I watched the first episode of Acceptable TV on VH1. From the Wikipedia entry:

Acceptable.TV is a television program from the makers of Channel 101, which first aired on VH1 on March 23rd, 2007. Each 30-minute episode consists of five 2.5 minute mini-shows created by the Acceptable.TV team, and one submitted by a viewer. After each episode, viewers can go online and vote for their two favorites. The two that receive the most votes will be continued in the following episode, and the remaining three will be canceled and replaced by new mini-shows.

Only one of the skits was acceptable to me, the obviously high-brow "Who Farted."

Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

Via Mike Cope, this video of Craig Ferguson is worth watching: "Craig Ferguson speaks on his past problems as an alcoholic and why he will not ridicule Britney Spears and her shaved head crisis."


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