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Stroller Caught in Train's Door

Check out the story and video here [link now broken] on the web site of a CBS affiliate:

SEOUL, South Korea - A mother and her baby narrowly escaped death in an underground station in Seoul on Thursday, as they managed to break free from the doors of a train carriage in which their buggy had got stuck... As the train started to move, Lee Chan-hee struggled to get the buggy out. With the help of another woman she finally managed to untie the baby. But then both women fell on the floor and were dragged down the platform by the train. The baby safely fell on the floor and a third passenger picked her up. Fortunately for both women, the train finally stopped.

Back from the Dead

Have a listen to the "Back from the Dead" episode of the This American Life radio show.  It was very interesting and touching, I thought.  Interviews with folks who were on the Jet Blue flight the was about to have a crash landing and the passengers were watching reports about it on TV as it was happening (Jet Blue has satellite TV).  People in Pearlington, Mississippi, dealing with the devastation after the hurricane.  High schoolers from Bay St. Louis, about 15 miles from Pearlington, playing football despite the hardship.

Coach Potato

Suresh Joachim set a new coach potato record by watching TV for 69 hours and 48 minutes.

Bankrupty rumored for NWA

As frequent Northwest fliers, we took notice of their rumored upcoming bankruptcy.



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