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Our Family

Basketball Winter 2010

Elliot is nearing the end of 4 on 4 basketball season.  Here is video of a recent game and from a game in the 5 on 5 league in January.

Link to Vimeo

Link to Vimeo

Link to Vimeo

Link to Vimeo

Sledding with Grandpa

Another activity during the stay-cation was sledding with Grandpa B.  Here is the video.  The best part may be Grandpa taking a spill at the beginning.

Link to Vimeo (also on YouTube)


Woodworking with Grandpa

During our recent stay-cation, one of the most popular activities was workworking in Grandpa’s basement workshop.  Here are some photos:








Paint It Black

The Carpenter Street School talent show was Friday night, and Elliot and his pals performed The Stones’ “Paint It Black.” 

Here are a couple photos from a practice session:



Here is video of the performance:

also on YouTube

Here are a few pictures from the talent show:









I Guess We're Not Going to Knoxville After All

We weren't wise enough to let the snow forecasts cancel our trip to Knoxville.  The roads were pretty bad tonight, and someone rear-ended us on I-75 near Detroit.  Thankfully, we weren't going very fast (due to slippery conditions and heavy traffic), and no one was hurt.  We also weren't smart enough to keep the car running, so we drained the battery waiting for the police to arrive.  The vacation is now a stay-cation at Grandma's.




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