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China is Overrun with Wangs

From the current issue of The Week magazine:

Beijing A shortage of names. China is overrun with Wangs and Lis-93 million and 92 million, respectively. Fully 85 percent of China's 1.3 billion people have one of just 100 traditional surnames. This week, the Ministry of Public Security declared the situation a security hazard, because it is too difficult to track down any particular Wang Tao, say, among China's nearly 100,000 Wang Taos. The ministry announced it therefore would let couples give children either parent's surname-or a combination of both. A Wang and a Li, for example, could name their child Wang, Li, Liwang, or Wangli. The child of a Zhou and a Zhu could be called Zhouzhu. Double-naming is already permitted in Hong Kong, where it has become trendy.

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