Deerhoof 2008-10-04 Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA NTSC [DVD0123]

Deerhoof Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA. October 4th 2008 NTSC DVD.
DINC Studio SF #17 Released Nov. 6th 2008.

Video: Sony DCR-HC96 Mini DV. Transferred via Firewire to Final cut. Taper Drock
Audio: Microtech Gefell M300s (1' stand, right balcony, FOB) > Sound Devices 744T > WAVE (24/44.1) > FW > Mac G5 Dual (Peak w/Waves) > AIFF > WAV 16/48 for Final Cut Pro exported as DVD PCM 16/48 Audio Taper Michael Zeiner

DVD: Video = MPEG2 7.5Mbps CBR (very good looking video)
DVD: Audio = Uncompressed PCM 48khz audio (Very good audio)

This DVD looks and sounds fantastic. Samples do not do it justice.


Be sure to click the watch in high quality button.

Complete show. TRT. 64 Minutes.

01 Offend Maggie Instrumental
02 The Tears and The Music of Love
03 Spirit Ditties of No Tone
04 Twin Killers
05 Numina O
06 +81
07 Chandelier Searchlight
08 Buck and Judy
09 Perfect Me
10 Milk Man
11 Snoopy Waves
12 Eaguru Guru
13 Rainbow Silhouette of The Milky Rain
14 Dummy Discards a Heart
15 My Purple Past
16 Basketball Get Your Groove Back
17 The Great Car Tomb
18 Fresh Born
19 Blue Cash


SATOMI MATSUZAKI: bass and vocal
EDWARD RODRIGUEZ: guitar (bass on a song or two)
GREG SAUNIER: Percussion

This was an open taping with permission. However the Great American Music Hall's rules RE: video are no tripods or monopods. Must be handheld.

Thanks go to Deerhoof especially Greg and John for allowing me to video. Michael for lending me his audio source and the Great American Music Hall.