Drivin' n' Cryin' 2007-12-31 Roxy, Atlanta AUD NTSC multicam [DVD0187]

Drivin' n' Cryin'
December 31, 2007
Roxy Theatre
3110 Roswell Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
opening act: hollyfaith

1) Werewolves of London
2) Comfortably Numb

1) Bliss
2) Color of Blood
3) Voodoo Doll
4) Birdie (-> Kansas City)
5) Swing
6) Fear of the World
7) Instincts [1]
8) Whatsamatta [1]
9) Zero [1]
10) The Killing Moon [1,2]
11) Birth, School, Work, Death [1]

Rob Aldridge: vocals
David Franklin: bass, vocals
Kevin Morrison: guitar, vocals
Jeff Warncke: drums
[1]: Mac Carter, guitar
[2]: Jeff Sullivan, hand drum

Drivin' n' Cryin':
1) Rockin' in the Free World
2) Build a Fire
3) Can't Promise You the World
4) Scarred but Smarter
5) Keys to Me
6) House for Sale
7) Look What You've Done to Your Brother Lately
8) Preapproved Predenied
9) The Innocent (->Saturday Night ->TV Eye)
10) Let's Go Dancing -> [3]
11) Fly Me Courageous [4]
12) Toy Never Played With [4]
13) Madman Blues -> [4]
14) Comfortably Numb [4,5,6]
15) Honeysuckle Blue [4]
16) Which Jesus
17) Straight to Hell [4,5]
18) Turn It Up or Turn It Off [4]

Kevn Kinney: vocals, guitar
Tim Nielsen: bass guitar, vocals
Mac Carter: guitar, vocals
Jeff Sullivan: drums
Joey Huffman: keyboards
[3]: Evan Kinney: accordion
[4]: Buren Fowler: guitar
[5]: Rob Aldridge: vocals, tambourine, maracas
[6]: Jeff Warncke: vocals + tambourine
[7]: Kevin Morrison: vocals

Show notes:
David Franklin uses Tim's bass guitar for hollyfaith's
whole set.

Sorry for the poor coverage of Rob--he leaning off the
front of the stage where there was no light at all!

I also wasn't able to work the cameras as much as I wanted
as I had a broken foot. Thankfully they put the barricades
up so I didn't have to worry about anyone stepping on it!

We had to abandon the microphone clamp when Philip couldn't
unscrew it from the underside of the balcony (did it get
cross-threaded)? Think of us when you see it!

Someone screams for "Together" before "House for Sale"--yes,
Kevn, please dust off that gem!

Kevn pretty much has no guitar during "Let's Go Dancing" and
that probably put the kibosh on an acoustic set. And why
is the stage tech too timid to take it from him?

Tim's lying when he claims it's 5 seconds to midnight. If you
watch closely, you can see him complain that the cell phone he
was handed doesn't actually display seconds!

You can see Kevn's wife Shayni run onstage for a New Year's kiss.

You can see our own messageboarder Robert syncopatedly fisting
during the crowd shots of "Fly Me Courageous".

Buren drops his plectrum during "Turn It Up or Turn It Off".

The crowd was maybe 700? Smaller than previous years (partly due
to more competition for NYE events, no doubt), but this
time, the balcony was closed.

Also on this disc:
bwposter.png: monochrome one-sheet for the show
clad.png: the LiveNation ad for the show in Creative Loafing
clblurb.png: a blurb about DnC in Creative Loafing
clisting.png: the listing in the weekly section from Creative Loafing
(note the misspelling "Holyfaith")
covers.pdf: cover art for the DVD
cposter.png: the full-color one-sheet for the show
label.pdf: label art for the DVD
pass.png: the show pass (not my fault they don't change them!)
pics: pictures from the show, uncorrected
setlist.png: hollyfaith's setlist
ticket.png: a scan of the show ticket

All videocameras are Sony HDR-FX1s except for
a) HDR-FX7: the full-stage balcony cam (which you almost never see)
b) HDR-HC1: soundcheck (front handheld and nightshot)
Audience audio was captured with a Rode NT4 clamped to understage of
the balcony over the soundboard. Soundboard audio was also captured.
All audio was dumped to a Sound Devices 744t (4 track)
sampling at 24bit/96kHz.
Stills were from a Canon Digital Rebel XT with 18-55mm USM IS lens.

Gwen Rhoton: DVD covers, and inserts.
King Rhoton: Videotaping, stills, video editing, and DVD mastering.
Philip Luckey: Stage videotaping and chauffeur services.
Apple: Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro.
Kevn and hollyfaith: Permission to tape and redistribute the show.

Noncommercial distribution only--do not sell!