Eagles, The 1976-11-06 The Summit, Houston, TX (01:38:00) [DVD0032]

The Eagles
The Summit
Houston Texas
November 6, 1976
98 minutes
source: unknown - 2d gen? > stand alone > analog capture > reauthor DVD
Silver Stallion DVD Productions

1. Hotel California
2. Lyin' Eyes
3. Wasted Time
4. Take It To The Limit
5. Desperado
6. Midnight Flyer
7. Turn To Stone
8. Already Gone
9. One Of These Nights
10. Funk #49
11. Fork In The Road
12. Rocky Mountain Way
13. Witchy Woman
14. James Dean
15. Best Of My Love
16. Walk Away
17. Tequila Sunrise

Don Henley - drums / vocals / guitar
Glenn Frey - guitar / vocals
Randy Meisner - bass / vocals
Joe Walsh - guitar / vocals
Don Felder - guitar / vocals
J.D. Souther (guitar / vocals on "Best Of My Love")

This was recently uploaded by Gripweed. I downloaded it and decided to fix it up a bit.

I color corrected it (there was a lot of glaring red and blue haze in it - about 95% of that is gone), fixed the audio so that it comes out both channels (in mono). I also boosted the volume - it was way too low.

To color correct this required that I reduce the saturation and darken it a bit. Regarding the darkening - the images will appear to be slightly darker than the original. This mostly affects the background images - and not those in the foreground. So a speaker cabinet that was visible in the original version will probably not be (as) visible in this one. The musicians, for the most part, are unchanged in this regard.

And I added motion menus (main menu and song selection menu). And I put in some vintage Eagles '70s-era still images in between songs where the screen went to black. I also (neatly) cut out a few minutes of deadtime while the band was offstage between encores.

Regarding the date - the setlist strongly suggests this was not a 1977 show because of a lack of songs like "New Kid In Town" which reached #1 in the charts in 1977. During the show, J.D. Souther mentions that it's Glenn Frey's birthday (November 6) - which means they would have performed a full show in late 1977 without playing their number one hit of the year - which just doesn't make sense.

Props to Gripweed for liberating this little gem!

Enjoy ~

Silver Stallion DVD Productions