Fans Say Pressure Has Eased NBC Edits of 'VeggieTales'

Last month there was a bit of controversy about the excision of religious content from episodes of Veggie Tales airing on NBC.

From an article of the same title on beliefnet by Chansin Bird of the Religion News Service:

Fans of VeggieTales, those lovable animated singing and talking vegetables, may notice a change in the episodes aired on NBC's Saturday morning cartoon lineup: There's less editing than originally feared.

"The last batch of episodes are airing with very little editing," VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer wrote in an e-mail to Religion News Service. "Not none whatsoever, but very nearly none whatsoever. Much less than earlier episodes."

Originally, NBC had asked for changes in four of 13 episodes -- mostly editing out references to God and the Bible. Vischer said he was not thrilled with the edits, but was happy to have the cartoons on network television.