Fantasy Football Week 5

The streak continued as I picked up my third consecutive loss this week, 68 to 63. It seems I'm whining every week about what could have been. I'm sure Scott F. can make his own list of many points that should have been (for example, Matt Jones-Drew scoring twice while he had him on the bench). It was kind of annoying, though, when I noticed that 3 of the 9 "Bad Breaks for Week 5" that Ladd Biro listed had happened to me:

  • Chester Taylor, RB, Vikings. Three carries from inside the Lions' 7 were stopped at the 1.
  • Steve Smith, WR, Panthers. Dropped a sure TD catch in the end zone, and later took a 20-yard reception to the 1.
  • L.J. Smith, TE, Eagles. Tackled at the 1 after a 60-yard completion. Then botched the next pass for a TD.

Any one of those could have given me the victory. I also achieved another new low. More than once I've had a player score zero (like the couple times I've started inactive players), but this week I actually had a player finish with negative points (-0.19, Kevin Faulk, -1 rushing yards, 15 return yards, 1 fumble lost). And my kicker (Jonathan Hall) scored a lousy 3 points while Scott's scored 19.


It's frustrating isn't it? Fantasy football drives me nuts sometimes.