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Flight Canceled


Last Sunday Jonathan was supposed to fly to New Jersey for a couple days of business meetings. He flew to Detroit planning to make a connection to Newark, but the North American blizzard of 2006 interfered. From the Wikipedia entry:

The Blizzard of 2006 was a nor'easter that began on the evening of February 11, 2006. It dumped heavy snow across the Northeast United States from Virginia to Maine through the early evening of February 12 and ended in Atlantic Canada on February 13. The major northeast cities from Baltimore to Boston received at least a foot of snow, with an all-time largest amount of 26.9 inches (68.3 cm) in New York City (the most since at least 1869, when records started being kept).


A car buried in the blizzard in NYC

Jonathan spent most of the day in the Detroit airport until the last flight of the day to Neward was cancelled. Then the Birdwells picked him up, and he spent the night at their place. On Monday he caught a 5 PM flight to Newark.


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