Flight of the Conchords

220px-Flight_of_the_Conchords_@_Gramercy,_2007 Last night Lisa and I went to see Flight of the Conchords at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  If a slow internet connection at work hadn't caused me to time out in my first attempt to order tickets, we would have been on something like the fifth row.  As it was, we still had decent seats.  On the positive side, we were far enough back that Lisa couldn't throw her skivvies at Jemaine.  The Fox Theatre is an amazing place, built in the 20's and restored for $12 million in the 80's.  Jemaine and Bret got several jokes out of it:  since it's the only place they've been in Detroit, they assume that all of Detroit is decorated as ornately as the Fox...or that Detroit obviously spent all of its money on the Fox and had no money left for anything else of decent quality in the city.  Lisa thought the Fox was very cool but was annoyed by the uncomfortable seats.  It was definitely a fun, enjoyable show.

"Business Time" is still our favorite from FotC (Beware, don't play if easily offended by crude or risque musical humor):

Update: the photo I took of the marquee: