Hatfield, Juliana 1998-08-25 Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA [DVD0055]

Juliana Hatfield
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA
August 25, 1998

Solo acoustic

Audience recording

Video: MPEG-2 8.0 Mbps, NTSC
Audio: PCM audio 16 bit setting (48KHz)
Source: Sony Hi-8 camera
Length: 32 mins
Menu: YES
Authored: BHK
Size: 2.24 Gb

Harvard Square Set-list:

1. I Got No Idols
2. Outsider
3. Running Out
4. Bad Day
5. Baby Gets High
6. Spin The Bottle

Total Time: 21:22

TV Bonus - 1994/95 performances

1. My Darling - Regis - 6/30/95
2. Universal Heart-Beat - Late Show - 4/28/95
3. Spin The Bottle - Jon Stewart Show - 4/7/94
4. Universal Heart-Beat - Late Night - 4/10/95

Total time: 11:19


DVD - Sony Hi-8 stereo camcorder> Master tape> Vegas Video> DVD Architect

Audio Files - VHS Master tape> Vegas Video> CDWAV> Total Audio Converter> Flac

Notes: Solo acoustic Harvard Square performance sponsored by HMV Records for release of new CD, "Bed." Held outside of the HMV store before a small crowd of fans and passing tourists. Audio is very good from the stereo mic on the Sony Hi-8 camcorder. This master tape was in very rough shape and only Gipetto was able to save the tape for posterity. I'd encourage everyone to convert and share their tapes before they are lost for good. Share, comment, and keep the torrents alive for others. I hope those downloading this will be inspired to check out all of JH's catalog at http://www.julianahatfield.com.

TV Bonus performances were included to round out the DVD. I hope no one minds the inclusion. The order is not chronological to prevent repeating songs in a row.