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Hey Michigan kids, your state reps. have a present for you

From an article of the same title by Erica Ogg on

The state is apparently facing a budget crisis--to the tune of $1 billion. On Thursday, House Democrats delivered a spending bill that includes the idea of putting $38 million worth of public funds toward outfitting every student with a digital music player. The plan also included measures to tax soda and satellite TV services, among other things, to raise funds. Seems like an interesting idea because iPods could easily be used as educational devices--to transport or store digital documents and projects, or to listen to lectures. It's also not a new idea--Duke University famously gave iPods to all incoming freshmen. But, The Detroit News' editorial makes an astute point wondering "how financially strained Michigan residents will feel about paying higher taxes to buy someone else's kid an iPod."

Rumor has it that some of the next cuts coming to our school system are middle school athletic programs and the gifted and talented program.

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