Inauguration Trip Friday to Sunday

Finally an account of our January trip to D.C. for the inauguration. 

Friday evening we dropped the kids off at Lisa's parent's house and then hit the road.

 twittericon on the road 7:32 PM Jan 16th

We spent the night at a hotel (in Ohio) and then continued the journey the next morning.

twittericonstarted seeing cars and buses headed to DC before we got to Pittsburgh 12:32 PM Jan 17th

We planned to spend Saturday and Sunday nights in a hotel (while the rates were still reasonable) and then Monday night with friends.  We stayed at the Econo Lodge Metro in Arlington.  It's got reasonable prices and quality and is a short walk from a metro stop.  After checking in we went to meet some friends for dinner in old Alexandria (Union Street Pub).


twittericonat the hotel in D.C. Tonight, dinner with The Elders 5:28 PM Jan 17th


Sunday morning we walked to the metro station and road into D.C.  Here are a couple of photos of the national mall with the multitude of portajohns and jumbotrons set up.


twittericonon the mall. now, where to eat lunch? 12:08 PM Jan 18th

We tried to find our way to an Indian place for lunch, but Google Maps failed us.  We ended up choosing something else for convenience.

twittericonRio Grande Wrap at Bruegger's 12:38 PM Jan 18th

Here is a video of Lisa from lunch:

After lunch we walked back to the mall, thinking we might try to see the We Are One concert.  As we stood in front of the White House right next to the Washington Monument, several helicopters flew over our heads.  One landed on the White House lawn, greeted by a crowd.  Later we learned that it was President Bush.

twittericonhelicopters flew over our heads and one landed on White House lawn 1:34 PM Jan 18th

Here is a video of the helicopters:

twittericonin line for the concert. will we get in? 2:09 PM Jan 18th

twittericondidn't get in. headed for a jumbotron 2:27 PM Jan 18th

Here are some photos of the crowds watching the concert via jumbotron at the Washington Monument.


Here is a video of the crowd near the beginning of the concert while Denzel Washington was talking:

twittericonfew seconds delay between audio and video on jumbotron. The Boss sings The Rising 2:43 PM Jan 18th

twittericon"Michael Scott" and Jamie Foxx tag team 2:54 PM Jan 18th

twittericonJamie Foxx does a good Obama impression! 2:56 PM Jan 18th

twittericoneveryone wondering who bettye lavette is 2:56 PM Jan 18th

twittericonbut know bonjovi 2:57 PM Jan 18th

twittericon"Forrest Gump" reading Lincoln quotes 3:03 PM Jan 18th

twittericon surrounded by an endless mosaic of colors...of hats, coats, and skin3:07 PM Jan 18th

twittericonJames Taylor 3:09 PM Jan 18th

twittericonJohn Legend 3:10 PM Jan 18th

twittericonBiden 3:13 PM Jan 18th

twittericondoes he still go by Mellencamp 3:16 PM Jan 18th

twittericonQueen Latifa (sp?) 3:21 PM Jan 18th

twittericonJosh Groban elicits chuckles from the crowd 3:24 PM Jan 18th

twittericonCal Penn and George Lopez. Is Penn Harold or Kumar? 3:28 PM Jan 18th, Herbie Hancock, S Crow sing Marley's One Love 3:30 PM Jan 18th

twittericonObama bobs head to reggae beat 3:32 PM Jan 18th

twittericonTiger Woods 3:32 PM Jan 18th

twittericonJack Black sports a green tie and tag teams with Rosario Dawson 3:39 PM Jan 18th

twittericonGarth Brooks 3:41 PM Jan 18th

twittericonBarack bobs head to Garth too 3:42 PM Jan 18th

twittericonGarth leads the masses in Shout 3:44 PM Jan 18th

Garth Brook's performance, energy, and the way he engaged the crowd was one of the more enjoyable moments of the concert.

twittericonAshley Judd and Forrest Whitaker 3:48 PM Jan 18th

twittericonUsher? and Shakira and Stevie Wonder do Higher Ground 3:51 PM Jan 18th

twittericonneed the Chilli Peppers 3:52 PM Jan 18th

twittericonSamuel L. 3:54 PM Jan 18th

twittericonU2 sings Pride as sun peaks through the clouds 3:58 PM Jan 18th

As a U2 fan since high school (and someone who bought a U2/MLK Pride (In the Name of Love) t-shirt in Europe in high school and then wrote MLK quotes all over it as a freshman at Lipscomb, the U2 performance was certainly memorable.

twittericonBono gives shout-out to Israelis and Palestinians 4:03 PM Jan 18th

twittericonBono corrected the historical inaccuracy in Pride 4:06 PM Jan 18th

twittericonObama steps to the mic 4:10 PM Jan 18th

twittericonPete Seeger...This Land is Your Land 4:18 PM Jan 18th

Pete Seeger and crew's performance of This Land is Your Land was great…especially since the crowd was singing a long and laughing at the funny parts. 

Here is a video of the crowd during Seeger's performance:

twittericonBeyonce sings America the Beautiful 4:23 PM Jan 18th

After the concert was over, we made our way to a nearby metro stop.  After about 30 minutes waiting in line, we were on a train and headed back to the hotel.

twittericonin line for subway, Smithsonian stop 5:02 PM Jan 18th

twittericonthat was pretty quick. now riding in crowded subway 5:33 PM Jan 18th

Here's a photo of the crowded subway train:


twittericonback at the hotel making plans for dinner 6:03 PM Jan 18th

We took a short walk to a restaurant near the hotel for dinner and watched the Eagles lose to the Cardinals.  Then we walked back to the hotel and watched the Steelers' game before hitting the sack.

twittericonBear Rock Cafe for dinner and football 6:17 PM Jan 18th

twittericonreclining in bed watching the Steelers 9:22 PM Jan 18th

twittericonPolamalu! 10:02 PM Jan 18th