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200px-Kagemushatheater.jpgOn Saturday I finished watching Kagemusha (1980,PG). From Wikipedia:

Kagemusha is a film by Akira Kurosawa. The title means "the impersonator" in Japanese, or, more literally, "the shadow warrior". It is the story of a lower-class criminal who is taught to impersonate a dying warlord in order to dissuade opposing lords from attacking the newly vulnerable clan.

The film is set in the Warring States period of Japanese history. The warlord whom the kagemusha impersonates is based on Daimyo Takeda Shingen and the climactic battle on the Battle of Nagashino which took place in 1573.

Kagemusha was released in 1980 and is generally considered a great recreation of feudal Japan as well as a story of a man with a divided personality, or more generally that of an actor who falls too deeply into his role.

It was OK. I'm not a big fan of the genre. I give it 3 out of 5.

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