King James

Garrison Keillor reminds us that May 2, 1611, was the date that the King James Bible was first published. I was surprised to learn the following from Keillor:

The translators also deliberately used old-fashioned language. At the time they were working on the Bible, words like "thou" and "sayeth" had already gone out of fashion. Some scholars believe that the translators wanted to give the sense that the language in the Bible came from long ago and far away.

I'd be curious to learn what percentage of Christians still rely on the KJV. It must be a dwindling number. Growing up, only the KJV and ASV were accepted at my church. I remember when it was announced that the NKJV and NASB were also acceptable. The NIV was never acceptable. It probably isn't still.


too many people seem to have the foolish belief that the KJV is THE inspired word of God . . .

If it's good enough for Paul, its good enough for me. ;)The bad thing about this is, the KJV is literally one of the worst translations there is, because it wasn't translated directly from the greek and hebrew. Its a translation of a translation.And the NKJV is the same, except, in some ways, its a translation of a translation of a translation.

Maybe that explains why certain denominations have such screwed up biblical intrepretations and man-made rules in their worship.

I don't think it is the cause, but it is probably an additional symptom of a deeper problem.