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The last Saturday of May

JDM got up at 6 AM and went to play 9 holes of golf with Madan.  JDM shot his typical score in the low fifties.  He's driving better than ever before, but so far this season he hasn't had enough consistency in the other parts of his game to get back into the forties.  JDM and EJM spent considerable time setting up and adjusting our do-it-yourself above-ground sprinkler system this afternoon and had fun running around avoiding the sprays.  While LLM and EJM were at the grocery store, we had a heavy rain and hail storm.  Of course, some of the gutter downspouts were blocked with some sort of tree droppings and were, therefore, overflowing.  Our new tradition of Saturday night "Movie Night" continued for a third week.  This week's feature was "Toy Story."  After the boys were in bed, JDM and LLM did church treasurer stuff.


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