Lions vs. Rams 2009

My buddy Madan is a Rams fan (he went to grad school in St. Louis), so we went together to the game Sunday at Ford Field.  It was expected to be an epic battle between the 1-5 Lions (coming after their historic 0-16 season) and the 0-7 Rams (loser of 17 straight games).  I was just hoping it would be a close game and that my Fantasy peeps would perform well (Kevin Smith and the Lions special teams/defense, the latter a bye-week pick-up chosen intentionally to help me care about the game).  The game lived down to expectations as it was 3-2 Rams late in the first half.  That’s when the first excitement came as the Rams scored a TD on fake field-goal and I got to see Madan get excited.  The Rams ended up winning (link) and celebrated breaking their losing streak by dumping ice water on the coach (pretty sad when a win over the Lions is a cause for celebration).  Also, my streak of consecutive weeks attending an NFL game was extended to 2 but is destined to end there.  Here are a few photos:

20091101-112636 20091101-112740 20091101-114152 20091101-134018