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Megachurch Megatech

CIO Insight has an article about megachurches (average weekly attendance greater than 2000).  There are approximately 1800 megachurches in the U.S.  Together they account for about 7 % of church attendance (or ~ 7 million people) and are the equivalent of the third largest religious group in the country (only lagging behind the Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists).  However, the megachurches are typically not affiliated with any particular denomination.

...megachurches are growing at the expense of other churches. "Overall church attendance is not going up. People are going to megachurches from other churches," Chaves says. One factor driving growth, he adds, is cost. "You may have to go to a larger church to get quality, such as a youth minister and more programs, or better facilities."

The article is an interesting description of the creative use of technology by the megachurches.


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