Melvins 2007-04-08 Knust, Hamburg PAL [DVD0093]


2007-04-08 Hamburg, Knust

Format: PAL
Ratio: 4:3
Video: 4500 kbps (average bitrate)
Audio: AC3
Length: 115 min.

Video source: Camcorder installed at balcony of the club
Audio source: SBD (with ambience mikes added i believe)

The Knust club has a DVD standalone burner and can record shows directly onto DVD
if the band is into it; unfortunately the setting for audio recording is AC3 and not PCM -
but it still sounds VERY good (although as with most Melvins SBD recordings Buzz'
guitar could be a little louder...). The video is a steady shot from above. No zooming.
I received a copy of the original DVD from this show, which had no menu and only
automatic chapters every 10 minutes or so, so i decided to re-author it with
proper chapters and a basic menu.

DVD authoring done with DVD-lab Pro 2.

Contains the complete MELVINS set as well as the complete opening set by BIG BUSINESS.


Hands Up
Grounds For Divorce
Just As The Day Was Dawning
Easter Romantic
Start Your Digging
Another 4th Of July

The Talking Horse
The Bloated Pope
Civilized Worm
Suicide In Progress
Set Me Straight
Let It All Be
Blood Witch
A History Of Drunks
Rat Faced Granny
The Hawk
You’ve Never Been Right
A History Of Bad Men
The Mechanical Bride
The Bit
Ballad of Dwight Fry

Line up:
King Buzzo - guitar, vocals
Dale Crover - drums, vocals, guitar (with Big Business)
Jared Warren - bass, vocals
Coady Willis - drums

Authored & seeded on DAD by surfling april 2007.