Midnight Oil Anthoilogy Volume 1 [DVD0014]

Created from a number of bits and pieces recorded on VCR from TV at
various times in the past couple of decades...

LPCM Audio
3904 kbps video
4:3 aspect

Tracklist - all are live performances. Where no date or venue is supplied
below it is unknown, however none of these tracks match any of the officially
released Midnight Oil material.

Melbourne Showgrounds 19/6/80
- Bus To Bondi
- Back On The Borderline
- Used And Abused
Youth Refuge Wanda Beach 31/1/82
- Armistice Day
- Cold Cold Change
- Wipeout
- Stand In Line
Short Memory
Don't Wanna Be The One
Progress - Montreal 1/10/85
Short Memory
Helps Me Helps You - Aid For Africa 13/7/85*
Underwater 18/9/96
Recovery 15/8/98
- Redneck Wonderland
- Concrete
Say Your Prayers 26/2/2000
Live At The Chapel 12/2/2002
- Luritja Way
- A Crocodile Cries / Mosquito March
- Redneck Wonderland
- Too Much Sunshine
- Golden Age
- Forgotten Years

On some tracks the fronts and backs are a bit chopped from where they were
recorded. In most cases the audio was there with no picture, so you'll see
where I've played with a bit of video from elsewhere in the track to fill
the gap.

*Research since this was first compiled suggests that the Oz Aid For Africa
show actually took place in January 1985, however the DD shows the date as

If you look around hard enough you may also find Something For Kate playing
"Dreamworld", from the Live At The Chapel show on 12/2/2000.