Mitchell, Joni 1970-09-09 BBC In Concert TV [DVD0047]

Joni Mitchell - BBC In Concert 9th Sept. 1970 DVD

Here's the story about this DVD. Around a year ago someone at dimeadozen posted a new (gorgeous) transfer of Joni's performance at the BBC In Concert taken from a digital broadcast. Sadly, like most of these digital broadcasts, the sound is compressed in AC3, which is lossy. Around the same time someone posted an audio source taken from a different (probably radio) broadcast. And, to make it even more interesting, someone uploaded the video of a song that wasn't originally broadcasted from an analog source.

My first try was to mix the analog audio source with the video, but it was an absolute disaster :-( . But, at least, I tried to put it all in the same disc instead of three. And this is what you get. I authored a DVD with the digital concert, the extra song and, as a bonus, the whole concert in lossless pcm with a slide show with random captures of the concert.
And I must say, it turned out quite nice. If you're a Joni fan, you must get this. And if you only want to have one or two boots from her, this is one of them.

Here are some notes from the original uploads:-----------------------------------------
---------Digital Broadcast Source--------
Joni Mitchell - BBC In Concert 9th Sept. 1970 DVD - PAL
Source : Trade DVD from BBC 4 Digital Broadcast --> DVB capture card (no other lineage)
DVD is fully authored with Menus/Chapters background music from concert etc.
Picture : PAL 4:3 704x576 MPEG-2 25fp/s
Sound : AC3 Dolby Digital 192Kb/s

1. Chelsea Morning
2. Cactus Tree
3. My Old Man
4. For Free
5. California
6. Big Yellow Taxi
7. Both Sides Now

Total Time : 30:06
Notes: This is the famous "Pink Dress" concert, in fact the very first BBC "In Concert"
Seeded to Dime by Fisheye 2006 - Do Not Sell

-------------Woodstock Source------------
This was extracted from the torrent "Joni Mitchell & Co." found here:
It is a companion piece to the "BBC In Concert" torrent found here:
A lot of people have been asking for this song only, so here it is.
"Joni Mitchell & Co." Lineage
VHS > DVD > TMPGEnc MPEG Editor > TMPGEnc DVD Author
Video : 4650 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 720x576 MPG2 PAL
Audio: Dolby Digtal (AC-3), 48000 Hz Mono 256 kbps
Woodstock - Joni Mitchell (In Concert, 1970) 4:53
Extracted from "Joni Mitchell & Co." using TMPGEnc DVD Author. The original VOB's were not altered in any way.
This has a logo in the top left corner "UK Arena" not too obtrusive.
Thanks to Kotdd & fisheye for their nice original seeds. Now maybe someone with the know-how, & the time can insert this song back into the original show, and seed a more complete version of this great show.

--------------Audio Source---------------
Joni Mitchell
In Concert
BBC Television Theatre
Broadcast 1970-10-09
Lineage: CDR Trade> Wav (EAC Secure)> Flac Frontend (level 8, aligned and verified)
01 Chelsea Morning
02 Hunter
03 The Gallery
04 Cactus Tree
05 My Old Man
06 For Free
07 Woodstock
08 All I Want
09 California
10 Big Yellow Taxi
11 Clouds (Both Sides Now)
A digital sourced DVD has been uploaded by fisheye at
This is the lossless audio of the complete concert from the longer original broadcast including the additional songs "Hunter" (an unreleased Joni song), "The Gallery," "Woodstock," and "All I Want." FA, SA, and mp3 samples will be attached shortly.