NFL's lawyers sack church's game plan

Watch out on Sunday...the NFL may be after you. From an article by Robert King in the Indianapolis Star:

The thousands of churches across the country that want to host Super Bowl parties Sunday night had better not pull out big-screen TVs, or they could face the wrath of NFL attorneys.

The NFL is telling Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis that the church's plans to use a wall projector to show the game at a party for church members and guests would violate copyright laws.

The league even took exception to the church's plan to influence nonmembers with a video highlighting the Christian testimonies of Colts coach Tony Dungy and Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith.


For groups that want to host Super Bowl parties -- other than sports bars and businesses that normally show televised sports -- here are rules the NFL says must be followed:

  • No admission fees (even to pay for snacks).
  • Only one television (55 inches or smaller).
  • No use of the words "Super Bowl" in promotional materials.
  • No exhibition of the game in connection with events "that promote a message."

Source: NFL


I guess we'll be breaking the law then tonight.