No More Albuterol Before Soccer

220px-Salbutamol-3D-vdW.pngIn Finn's 4th soccer game on Saturday he returned to his game 1 form...which is to say, he didn't score any goals (except for the other team) and spent most of the time skipping and hopping around and not getting too close to the ball. We figured out what the problem was. On Saturday, like she did before Finn's first game, Lisa gave Finn a dose of albuterol (asthma medication) before the game because he had been coughing. She though she was helping him with his breathing, but it seems like it made him so hyperactive and spacey that he simply couldn't concentrate on playing the soccer game. The first week, i assumed that he just wasn't that into the soccer game. But after he was a goal-scoring and assist-making demon in games 2 and 3 before reverting in game 4, I'm convinced that the albuterol was a big part of it.