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One dead one hurt in Dow High shooting

Today a high school student was shot 4 times in the parking lot of one of our two local high schools. From an article of the same title in the Midland Daily News:

A double shooting took place late this morning at H.H. Dow High School. One person, 17-year-old David Benjamin Turner of Coleman, shot himself in the head, police said. He was not a student at the school. Before killing himself, he fired four rounds at a 17-year-old girl who recently had transferred to the school. The girl - Jessica Forsyth, his ex-girlfriend - was not in class for the day. Turner went to the school but was kicked out by officials who recognized he did not belong there. He called Forsyth, whose mother drove her to the school. Forsyth began talking to Turner in the parking lot. During the conversation, he opened a backpack and pulled out a handgun. He shot her four times, once in the arm and two to three times in the chest. The mother drove her car onto the sidewalk to separate the pair. She did not see Turner shoot himself. The incident was witnessed by a school security guard and several students.

Jan Penney, director of emergency services at MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland, confirmed that Forsyth was brought to the hospital about 11 a.m. and was in serious condition.


My prayers are with you and your family

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