Pavement 1992-07-22 ULU, London PAL AUD [DVD0222]

PAVEMENT - London, ULU, 22 Jul 92 (PAL DVD)

SOURCE: Professional Sony HI 8 > 1st gen VHS tape
LINEAGE: Panasonic NV-FJ610 VCR stereo> PIONEER DVR-5100H (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)

Please help with the setlist !

Haven`t seen too many PAVEMENT videos/dvd`s floating around. Here`s a really great one. My London friend JB taped it with permission. Filmed with a tripod from the balcony (front). Clear view to the stage. No heads in the way. Gary Young on drums. He gets naked at the end of the show.
Can`t do any screenshots, but...believe me....I only pick the really good stuff, when it come to upload it here.
Picture & filming is definitely great. The sound is very good. J`s camera was a very professional one with an excellent mic.
If you like PAVEMENT - you will love this private recording.

Technical stuff:

video codec : mpg-2
frame rate: 25.0
bitrate: 7850 kbit/s
frame: 720 x 756
screen: 4:3 PAL

TRT: 60 min (complete show)

Chapers: every 10 min