Pavement 1992-08-30 Reading Fest AUD PAL [DVD0240]

PAVEMENT –Reading Festival (England) 30 Aug 92 (PAL DVD)

Source: unknown camcorder > 1st gen VHS tape
Lineage: Panasonic NV-FJ 610 VCR > PIONEER STANDALONE DVD REKORDER (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)

Summer Babe
Perfum V
Fame Throwa
Kentucky Cocktail
Zurich Is Stained
Feed `em To The Linden Lions
Two States
No life Singed Her
Black Walls
In The Mouth Of A Desert
Debris Slide

TRT: 50 min
a handheld audience shot. He was very close to the stage. Mostly stable, but not as steady as a tripod shot.

Never ever sell this show. This is made by a fan for the fans. Trade freely and don`t convert into lossy formats.

Video Codec: MPG2
Frrame Rate: 25 pics/sec
Bitrate: 7844
Frame: 720 x 576
Screen: 4:3 PAL