Pavement 1992-12-02 Eindhoven, Netherlands AUD PAL [DVD0243]

PAVEMENT – Eindhoven (Netherlands), Friz Philips Muziekzentrum, 02 Dec 92 (PAL DVD)

Source: unknown camcorder > 1st gen VHS tape
Lineage: Panasonic NV-FJ 610 VCR > PIONEER STANDALONE DVD REKORDER (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)

No Setlist ! Please help !

TRT: 45 min

This is a really great audience shot. Filmed from the left side (balcony; no heads in the way) with a tripod, good camera work (zoomin) and good sound. Looks like it` done with permission.
They were supporting Sonic Youth that night (will upload the SY show later on). The taper captured Gary Young` s entertaining activities (besides the actual drumming) very well ;)
I really like this recording and I think you`l enjoy it, too.
Check the screenshots, so you can get an idea of what to expect.
Thanx to the original taper. Sorry I forgot your name, but it` s such a long time.
The recording is very good, but it always can get better, if it comes from the master tape. So if you own the master tape, please upgrade this torrent.

Never ever sell this show. This is made by a fan for the fans. Trade freely and don`t convert into lossy formats.

Video Codec: MPG2
Frrame Rate: 25 pics/sec
Bitrate: 7844
Frame: 720 x 576
Screen: 4:3 PAL