Pavement 1994-03-04 Luxor, Cologne, GER PAL [DVD0115]

Cologne, Germany

Format: PAL @ CBR 7100
Aspect: 16x9 Widescreen
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Menus: Main and Track Select

VIDEO Capture
1. Sony V5000
2. Sony HC (unknown model)

AUDIO Capture
1. SBD - DAT (main mix)
2. Sony ECM-959 (front L-R Surround mix, slight center mix)
3. Unknown Sony HC Onboard Mic (Rear L-R Surround mix)

Edited, mixed, mastered, rendered in Vegas6.
DVD mastering done in TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6.


01- Intro
02- Elevate Me Later
03- In the Mouth A Desert
04- Cut Your Hair
05- Fight This Generation
06- Debris Slide
07- Heckler Spray
08- From Now On
09- Unfair
10- Stop Breathin'
11- Brink Of The Clouds
12- Gold Soundz
13- 5-4=unity
14- Silence Kid
15- Easily Fooled
16- Hit Plane Down
17- Here
18- -break-
19- Forklift
20- She Believes
21- Summer Babe


Finally, something to actually see from pavemalk's treasured collection. This is definitely an unearthed gem. I'll often say a good master makes for a great remaster. Here though, a great cap of various sources makes one helluva great DVD master. I watched it many times as I did the editing, then watched it twice through as it was completed, and I'm blown away by it everytime. Thank you pavemalk for capping this, and much more thanks for letting me put it together. I hope you enjoy it (and I'm quite confident you will!)

Get this now as you will not be disappointed.


- pavemalk capped these in PAL, sent me the mpeg's in PAL, and requested the output in PAL. Considering all that (and that they are his sources, so it is his call) it's been output as PAL. It makes no difference to me, pretty easy to get around the difference these days.

-Some tracking noise on the bottom of the videos made me crop it close to a widescreen edit, so I generated it as widescreen, though it's not a full 16x9. On a widescreen TV, there will be side-bars, on a regular TV, it'll be boxed "cinematically".

-The audio is a discreet surround output. The soundboard is mostly up front though leaks into the back a bit, the audio of the cam near the stage is in the front and partially side filled, and the audio of the cam in the back is mostly the back speakers with a bit of side-fill as well. On a 5.1 system, you'd swear you were there.

I just love putting these together, but it means more when others really enjoy them too, so I hope you all do grab this and enjoy it as I have.


thir13en Productions