Pavement 1994-03-06 Frankfurt, GER PAL [DVD0116]

Frankfurt, Germany

Type: DVD
Format: PAL
Aspect: Standard
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Menus: Main and Chapters


CAM 1 - Sony V5000

CAM 2 - Sony Hi8 (Unknown model)


SBD>DAT (Main Audio Mix)

AUD 1 - Sony ECM 959 (Front surround & slight center channel mix)

AUD 2 - Sony HC Onboard (Rear Surround Mix)

Dumped-Edited-Mastered in Vegas7
DVD created in Tsunami DVD Author Pro2

01- Pueblo
02- Gold Soundz
03- Silence Kid
04- 5-4=unity
05- Cut Your Hair
06- Elevate Me Later
07- Newark Wilder
08- Debris Slide
09- Trigger Cut
10- Two States
11- Brinx Job
12- Unfair
13- Heaven Is A Truck
14- Box Elder
15- Stop Breathing
16- In The Mouth A Desert
17- Forklift
18- Fillmore Jive

On the day I received more goodness from pavemalk (Pavement, YLT and Lambchop), I also completed this latest Pavement gem. Again, stable dual-shot on Hi8's, with audio from each cam capping the room and then surround mixed with the SBD source. Yea, it's pretty sweet stuff. This is what Slow Century wishes it was...

Video-wise it's a real nice cap, the cam's had a little more room to operate and the stage was bigger than in Cologne, so the sight lines of the stage are excellent from both cams. The tracking noise along the bottom was minor, so the crop never went near a true widescreen, making me leave the video in standard PAL size. And this time Malkmus didn't turn around on every solo either, so we get some great action shots.

As for the glitches I mentioned in the audio only seed, they were a bit more difficult to control in the 5.1 environment, as the added space you get from a surround mix leaves you less room to bury the crap. I did what I could without losing the wonderful overall clarity of the original audio. But, there are a few times where it cuts through, and you'll be briefly hit with a "pfft" here and there. I'd say there was 3 or 4 that jumped out at me (with 5-4=unity being a bit noisy throughout). I'm also sure I'm being much more picky than anyone else would be.

The size went slightly over 4G which I generally try to avoid to ensure more accurate burns, but the show ran ten minutes longer than Cologne which screwed up my calculations when I encoded it, still thinking of the barely one hour that Cologne was. But it'll be fine, I'm sure.

I used pavemalks CD art for the menus which has been working out real well and saving me much time in the build process, so even more thanks to him for his additional work on that.

Get this, it's the next best thing to being there, and you won't be disappointed. Plus the more you enjoy it, the more that all the hard work done 12 years ago and in the past two weeks will finally be worth the effort.

And don't forget to show pavemalk the love he deserves for these. He was diligent in taping, gracious in sharing, and has put in a lot of additonal time digging through his archives, making back-ups and shipping them to me so all this can happen, not to mention the excellent artwork he's done. So please, thank him now.